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          About us

          About us  Ruian printing machinery factory is a professional production technology unit sheeter, sheet cutting machine, paper cutting machine, sheet cutting machine products, we have advanced production technology and rich production experience, we have a certain technology development, production management, sales and service experience. Have a group of vibrant, full of ideals, dare to struggle, designers and technical staff mature.

          Paper Cutting Machine

          Die-cutting machine

          Curly device is in the paper roll before slitting device to eliminate the roll curl or fold device,in order to the stability of the paper roll tension. The paper roll first passes through (to the edge of the roll) components into the deconvolution device, the rollers are guide roller.

          Rotary Cutting Machine

          Paper cups machine

          the main products are: sheet cutting machine, paper cutting machine, rotary cutting machine, Roller paper cutting machine, Hob paper cutting machine, Cylinder paper cutting machine, paper reel cutting machine, Reel slitting machine etc.